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We are the citizens of Unrest. We all have different origins, but we are all united behind one idea: to come together to express our passion for an inspired cocktail experience. In a world full of copied concepts, we dare to stand out. Here, traditional wisdom coalesces with cutting edge culinary techniques to deliver a one-of-a-kind hospitality experience.

Civility & Unrest is found in a hidden corner below The Lakehouse and adjacent to the W Bellevue Hotel. A sophisticated lounge from James Beard Award-winning chef Jason Wilson serves up small plates to compliment Northwest-inspired craft cocktails, and a well-curated champagne and sparkling wine list.

“Tucked away under the W Bellevue, Civility & Unrest can be dark and moody, or whatever you want it to be — fun and lively, or like a secret whispered in your ear.”

~ 425 Magazine

Civility & Unrest Rabbit
Civility & Unrest Kiss of Death
Civility & Unrest Wolf