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Civility & Unrest is made up of a dedicated and passionate team focused on delivering unparalleled service and creating exceptional craft cocktails.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to the heart of our business, our guests, with a service philosophy centered on their satisfaction. We revel in celebrating lives. Interested in joining our team? Check out our career opportunities »

joe dietrich


There is a saying that a great bartender is one part mixologist, one part rock star, and one part sage. Joe Dietrich approaches his role at Civility & Unrest with this same mix of creativity, showmanship and service. Joe grew up in Arizona and says that his career found him when he moved to Washington state and began to build his skills in craft cocktail bars and restaurants. “This is where my passion began,” said Joe. “Since then, I have been studying and working to improve in every aspect of this industry.”

Joe has a special talent for finding out what kind of drink a guest will enjoy and presenting it with style and showmanship. He says that he practices his techniques and trains with the best servers he can find to constantly improve the guest experience and it shows. Come visit Joe and put him to the test creating a custom cocktail based on your preferred flavors and spirits.

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